International Champion

NO*Haapet's Cheeta of Norsvana

Bred by Gunborg Pedersen, Norway

January 2012

Cheeta Became an International Champion and we are very proud of him, he's a gentle boy and very well behaved at shows.

November 2011

Cheeta became a father for the first time, to four gorgeous babies with Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy, see Litter 11

June 2011

Cheeta has settled in really well here, he's made himself at home and gets along great with our cat family. In fact he has maybe settled in too well and become too comfortable.............. I was hoping by now that there would be a mating from him but Cheeta has other ideas, he's preferring to remain a kitten and has no interest in girls (unless they have a toy that he particularly likes). I think Fatherhood is a long way in the future, he currently sleeps on our bed at night and curls up on the sofa during the day. I guess many would be a little concerned that he hasn't matured yet but his father was exactly the same, so there is no rush. Beautiful kittens will be worth the wait.

March 2011

We collected Cheeta from his breeder on 24 February 2011, he then joined us for a trip in our motorhome around Norway. Cheeta travelled like a true Norsvana cat, relaxed and happy. Sikka also joined us on this trip and both cats got along just fine.


Cheeta is a lovely boy with a very sweet nature, he's kind and loving and very confident. He is now living happily alongside our family of cats and you would have thought he had been born here by the way he fits in

We had a very long search for the perfect boy for us and we are absolutely certain we have found him. Cheeta is not only gorgeous but has a fairly unique and very special pedigree. He is everything we could have wished for

Born 12 april 2010 to Dominic av Timaras and Tale's Zita

Thank you To Gunborg, not only have we found a wonderful kitten, we've also made a great friend


To view his pedigree on Pawpeds Click here

NO*Champion Haapets Cheeta of Norsvana

Dominic Av Timaras

Alexey M.E. av Hulder

IC Tigressan's Elliot
EC Mafalda av Hulder
Ch.Skrivestua's Bjork GIC Ollendorff's Egil Skallagrimsson
IC Karl's Nadia

Tale's Zita

Tale's Apollo IC Ollendorf's Einstein
Kati's Linnea
Skaujenta's Frigg IC Mykjakattens Don Juan
Grunerlokka's Tale

Show Results

29 January 2012 - Garden of England, Ware - EX1 and CAGCIB

28 January 2012 - Garden of England, Ware - EX1 and CACIB (making Cheeta an International Champion)

3 December 2011 - Lutterworth - EX1 and CACIB

16 October 2011 - Uitgeest, Netherlands - EX1 and CACIB

11 September 2011 - Grantham - EX1 and CAC (making Cheeta a FIFe Champion)

11/12 July - Bourne - EX1 and CAC both days

24 July 2010 - Terak, Norway - Judge: Jette Eva Madsen - EX1, CAC and Best in Variety


Cheeta is GSD4 negative

Cheeta does not carry solid, dilute or amber


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