Litter '2'

Norsvana Sugar Sparkle and Bracken Forest Star         

Born 23 September 2006 

This litter was named after places we have visited in Norway, Svartisen is a very beautiful glacier, Sandvika a pretty town and Stjordal, well it had a lovely garden centre!!!!

Norsvana Stari AvStjordal

Norsvana Sanna AvSvartisen

Norsvana Sindre AvSandvika


Bracken Forest Star

International Champion Maelstrom Bergelmir

Skogens Gudrun Blasolv

Skogens Edda

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Regnar Lodbrog Felis Audax

Sophie Zorc Tihany

 International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle

International Champion Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini

IC Syrillus d'Abelia

Champion Palayali Felis Audax

Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

GC Xanthus Av Jostedalsbreen

Ch Norskmagi Sabine


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