Litter 5

Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen and Freki's Super Boy (Sandoy)


Born 19th May 2008

Norsvana Skogenengel Dagny

Blue Silver Tortie Tabby

Dagny has gone to her new home with Sally and Gary from Skogenengel cattery.  She is very precious to us, as she is related to all our much loved forest cats and we feel very honoured that she's living with Sally and Gary. Our plans are to have a kitten back from Dagny one day in the future.





Champion Freki's Super Boy European Champion DK* Rimturser Return EC DK*Tinja Skoven's Snekat
IP & GIC DK*Killix Draupner
DK Rinturser Utroligus EP & EC DK*Elkingtons Johnny Walker
DK*La Foret's Wanilla
Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle IC Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini
Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana
Bracken Forest Star

IC Maelstrom Bergelmir

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Two kittens were born in this litter, both beautiful little girls. Sadly the youngest one, Disa, had cleft palate and it was too large to be operated on. She died at just two days old. She is the only kitten we have lost and we have found it extremely upsetting, even though she was with us for such a short time we'll always remember the pretty little blue cream girl, Disa.

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