Litter 7

Born 13 April 2009

This litter is our 'Sami' litter, whilst Sanna was at stud in Norway we travelled and met some Sami people that touched us deeply, we've used Sami names and places for these kittens

Norsvana Sikka Av Karasjok - Brown Tabby and White Female


Norsvana Kylan Av Lakslev - Silver tabby and White Male

Norsvana Kai Av Kautokeino - 'Zeus' - Silver tabby and White Male

Just a few hours old

This mating was a bit of a long shot for us. We took Sanna out to Norway to meet Csar , this was his last mating before being neutered, so these are very special babies and we are very grateful to Froydis, Caesars owner, for this opportunity.

Sanna stayed with Caesar for a few weeks, we are thrilled the mating was successful and 3 beautiful kittens were born.


Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen and Champion Csar Av Borgund

Champion Caesar av Borgund Marius av Borgund Tigressan's Quilio
Tirilltoppens Aria
Oleanna av Borgund IC Jaktvika's De Lillo
Izawatha's Mithril
Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle IC Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini
Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana
Bracken Forest Star

IC Maelstrom Bergelmir

Fjorgyn Forest Star

24 May 2009 - Sikkas photo came first

31 May 2009 - Kylans photo came first

in a weekly competition on Facebook  'Raining Cats and Dogs'

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