Litter 8

Born 5 June 2009

This litter is our 'Islands' litter and named after some of the islands we have visited around Norway 

Norsvana Stein AvAukra - Blue Silver tabby male


 Norsvana Sanuye  AvFinnoya - Dilute Silver Tortie/Tabby Female


Nosvana Svan  AvSenja - White Male 


Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy - White Female

Staying here with us


  Norsvana Sofia AvOrta - Blue Cream Female

           Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana and Champion Freki's Super Boy (Sandoy)


We'd originally planned on Mating Svana and Sandoy toward the end of the year, unfortunately Svana took things into her own hands and brought the date forward. She slipped through a door when we weren't looking and 'entertained' Sandoy!!!

This will be Svanas final litter before she is neutered, she has been a wonderful breeding queen for us and a great mum to her babies.

Both White kittens have been BAER tested, Svan has full hearing and Skadi has unilateral hearing


Champion Freki's Super Boy European Champion DK* Rimturser Return EC DK*Tinja Skoven's Snekat
GIP & IC DK*Killix Draupner
DK Rimturser Utroligus EP & EC DK*Elkingtons Johnny Walker
DK*La Foret's Wanilla
Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

Grand Champion Xanthus av Jostedalsbreen

Euro Ch Rebell av Jostedalsbreen

Grand Euro Champion S*Tigressan's Sarina

Champion Norskmagi Sabine

Champion Amberlight Norbirdoll's Boy

Champion Norskmagi Elaygance

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