Litter '10'

Born 19 September 2011

Norsvana Sikka Av-Karasjok  and  Champion Old Possum's Tummel, JW


Norsvana Eilina Aurora - Brown spotted tabby and white female

Eilina means splendour and Aurora the northern lights

Eilina became Best in Show 3-6 month kitten at her very first show on 28 January 2012

Eilina will be staying with us until June so I will occasionally update pictures of her and take her to a few shows

Norsvana Eskil Midnattsol -  'Simba'  - Brown mackerel tabby male

Eskil means vessel of God and Midnattsol is midnight sun 

Norsvana Einarr Isbre - Rocky' - Blue mackerel tabby

Einarr means warrior and Isbre is glacier


Norsvana Sikka av-Karasjok & Old Possum's Tummel JW


It's so lovely to have kittens again and what a gorgeous litter these are, I'm so pleased with them. Sikka is really well and is a wonderful mum

I'd like to say a big thank you to Clara, Sue and Dave for allowing me to use Amadeus, a very gorgeous boy.


CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW

EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla

EC B's Best Big Boy av Trulla,

IC Octopussy Felis Jubatus

CH Gatta Leuke

EC Old Possum's Zulus, DM,

GIC Gatta Echo,

Norsvana Sikka Av-Karasjok

 Champion Caesar av Borgund (N)  Marius av Borgund (N)
 Oleanna av Borgund (N)
Norsvana Sanna AvSvartisen Bracken Forest Star
International Premier Norsvana Sugar sparkle

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