Litter '11'

Born 12 November 2011

Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy  and  International Champion Haapet's Cheeta of Norsvana

Week 12

Norsvana Bjorn Rimfrost - 'Leo' - Silver tabby and white male

Bjorn means bear and Rimfrost is the when the frost makes a white glittery layer that isn't snow

Norsvana Bryn Aftendis - Silver tortie tabby and white female

Bryn means hill and Aftendis is the almost fog that comes in the evening in Norway, sometimes catching the low sunbeams and having a touch of red

Norsvana Borgny Mogendugg - 'Florin' - Silver tabby and white female

Borgyn means new and Mogendugg is morning dew

Norsvana Bodolf  Solrenning - 'Red' - Red silver tabby and white male

Bodolf means wolf leader and Solrenning is the old Norwegian word for the sunrise

Week 11


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Week 8

Happy Christmas - Week 5

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1 day old




International Champion Haapet's Cheeta of Norsvana

Dominic Av Timaras

Alexey M.E. av Hulder

Ch.Skrivestua's Bjork

Tale's Zita


Tale's Apollo
Skaujenta's Frigg

Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy

Champion Freki's Super Boy European Champion DK* Rimturser Return
DK Rimturser Utroligus
Champion Norskmagi forest Svana

Grand Champion Xanthus av Jostedalsbreen

Champion Norskmagi Sabine

Five kittens were born in this litter, sadly a pretty little white girl was stillborn, we did all we could to resuscitate her but it wasn't to be. We are saddened that she never had a chance to run and  play with her sisters and brothers or grow into a beautiful adult.