Litter 18

Norsvana Eilina Aurora and Norsvana Lindesnes Nord

'Eilina and Snes'

Born 14 July 2016

Six kittens born, photos to follow or find updates on Facebook 'norsvana norwegian forest cats'


  This is a repeat mating of litter 17 and earlier than I would normally have done, with just 9 months between litters. The reason behind this is my work, I teach and felt it better to have kittens when I have a full 9 weeks off work for summer. It will also be Eilinas last litter and possibly the last one from Snes too.

Norsvana Lindesnes Nord

Champion Sandoy Ilvaldi

Ch Chacolis Zedar

Sandoy Glita
Norsvana Skadi Av sandoy IC Frekis Super Boy
Ch Norskmagi Forest Svana

Norsvana Eilina Aurora

 Ch. Old Possums Tummel JW  EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla
 Ch Gatta Leuke
Norsvana Sikka Av-Karasjok Ch, Caesar Av Borgund
Norsvana Sanna AvSvartisen

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