I guess anyone who looks on this page regularly is going to think we are a little bit obsessed with Norway - we are! I, Tracy, have been visiting Norway for the last 17 years and Colin for the last 8 years. Between us we've travelled to countries all over the world and have never come across such a beautiful, honest, unspoilt country. We can't help but return time and time again.

We also need to say a big 'Thank you' to our wonderful friend, Froydis, who is our stop off point on all our trips to Norway, 'thanks for the fantastic hospitality, the delicious food, for the huge insight into the Norwegian culture, for teaching us the language (slowly), the cat chat and of course the use of your washing machine, thank you x'


Norway February/March 2011

This trip was to collect our new stud boy, Cheeta, but we combined it with a holiday and made the most of our time in Norway, we returned to one of our favourite places, the Sami town of Karasjok and once again we had the privilege of seeing the northern lights, Sikka joined us on the trip and quickly became friends with Cheeta.

Our son Daniel also flew out to Tromso and joined us for a couple of weeks skiing and rock climbing.

We were fortunate enough to see a huge amount of wildlife, from foxes, deer, elk to a wolverine

We visited Polar zoo for the second time and sat in with the arctic foxes, a wonderful experience and absolutely gorgeous creatures. We also got extremely close to the Lynx.

Norway February/March 2010

This year we spent almost a month travelling round Norway again, our sons Andrew and Daniel joined us for a few days skiing and a week or so later our good friends, Katherine and Keith joined us for some sight seeing and a little more skiing!

Sugar came with us as usual, it just wouldn't be the same without her.


We explored the Southern part of Norway for a few days and came across quite a few elk on our travels. We visited Kristiansand zoo where the pictures below were taken (I have to admit to being very proud of the tiger photo)


Norway March 2009 - North Cape and the Northern Lights

North Cape 2009

We are extremely fortunate that we had 3 months available this year, due to our work being seasonal. We made the most of our time and spent the majority of it in Norway, the first trip was to take Sanna to Stud out there, the second was a skiing trip with our two sons and the third was a month long adventure to North Cape with Sugar and Sandoy.

We started our journey to North Cape late February, we had taken a great deal of care preparing our motorhome for the extreme weather conditions and ensuring Sandoy and Sugar had all their travel documents in order. Many of our friends said we were a little crazy to try to reach North Cape in winter, but we had time on our side and we both love the snow and skiing and wanted to avoid the tourists. Many of the things we saw and experienced on this trip simply wouldn't have been possible in the summer months. I do have to admit to having one or two challenging moments due to the weather and road conditions, when we did doubt our decision to do the trip!


Our friend, Stein, who lives in Oslo, had suggested that we visit two of his friends, who run a hotel on the island of Senja, Hamn i Senja. It was certainly worth the visit, Anne Kari and Gerd were warm and welcoming, we planned on staying one night but two nights later we were still there. The island is beautiful, with mountains and lakes, a miniature Norway. The hotel itself is something special, built on a piece of land jutting out in the sea with a lighthouse and old boat turned into a jacuzzi (which we declined the offer to use one evening at minus 10 degrees outside!). We first saw the northern lights here.

Some of our favourite Aurora pictures, we were fortunate enough to see it on many evenings, these were taken at Lakselv. The light streaked from one side of the sky to the other, swirling high above us


One of the highlights of our trip was the Polar Zoo, We're not big fans of zoos, but the animals here were kept in enormous enclosures, as close to their natural habitat as possible,  and cared for exceptionally well. The animals in the zoo are all indigenous to Norway. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to enter the wolf enclosure and spend a good hour with them and their keeper, not for the feint hearted as one or two wolf fights broke out and one tried to drag me down a hill by my boot, but a great experience we'll always remember


Some of the views from Northern Norway


We saw many reindeer on our journey and learned a great deal about the life of the Sámi people, we were extremely touched by them. Above is a Lavvu, a Sámi tent.


Alta Ice Hotel - the Northernmost ice hotel in the world

Sugar and Sandoy were a joy to travel with as usual. They are both happy and relaxed and love their walks (although Sugar isn't too keen on deep snow). They have all they need in the motorhome and travel in comfort. Without them by our side our holiday wouldn't have been complete

We did many things on this trip, including learning a new skill, cross country skiing! We walked each day with Sugar and Sandoy, met some fascinating people and visited many new and interesting places.

We saw a great deal of wildlife along the road, including a wolverine, an artic hare, reindeer, elk, seals and porpoise.

We drove over 6000 miles and the temperature varied from 0 to -22

Our return journey took us through Finland and part of Sweden, we stopped off at Enontekio and Jukkasjavi.

Our holiday included meeting Nina and Dag 'Nordlibakkens', one of the most northern Norwegian Forest Cat breeders and their lovely cats and Wenche 'Av Moltemyr' and her very busy and very gorgeous kitten, Zimone. Thanks to all for your time and hospitalit

    Norway February 2009 - Husky Sledding, Ice Hotel and Skiing

This trip was to celebrate my birthday, we decided to try our hand at husky driving and took a 4 hour trip through some stunning landscape. Our sons, Andrew and Daniel, came with us. We each had our own team of 5 dogs, which were amazing and never tired, it was an experience we'll never forget


We spent a night in Bjorli Ice Hotel and were fortunate enough to have the whole hotel to ourselves to explore and change rooms, above are photos of part of the hotel, one taken with a flash and one without. Below is the Atlantic Road


Norway January 2009 - Taking Sanna to Stud

We took Sanna to Norway to be mated with Cæsar Av Borgund. The Sunrises and Sunsets were absolutely breathtaking on this trip, these photos were taken from Myklebust on the island of Sandoy

We were fortunate enough to come across a group of seals whilst walking along the coast, or more accurately we were followed on our 2 hour walk by a group of inquisitive seals!

Norway March 2008 - Collecting Sandoy

Norway 2008 - New Year

We rented a lovely cottage in the Sogndal area and took sons, Daniel and Andrew and Andrews girlfriend Emma with us. Colin and myself visited Sandoy and stayed with Froydis one evening. We also enjoyed some skiing and can't wait to return in March when we collect Sandoy.

Norway July 2007 - Sugars Trip

This year we took Sugar with us to Norway, she loves travelling in the motorhome and it was fantastic to see her in her natural environment. here are some pictures of our trip.

To see and read more please click on Sugars page.


Norway February 2007  - Meeting Froydis

Below are some pictures of our visit to a good friend Froydis Husoy and her gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cats (   Whilst visiting we walked up a mountain on the island she lives on, along with Astor, a male neuter. Part the way up Astor decided that walking wasn't for him and he needed somebody to carry his 8kg body the rest of the journey!


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