Important Cats

This page is dedicated to cats who don't live with me but are important in my breeding or have played a big part part in my life

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Champion Freki's Super Boy - Sandoy

Orange eyed white - Retired Stud - 28 February 2006

Our well travelled boy who has lived in Denmark, Sweden and Norway!!!! Sandoy remains with Colin in Yorkshire

for more pictures and information on Sandoy click here

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Premier Norsvana Stari AvStjordal

Blue classic tabby - Male Neuter - 23 September 2006

Stari lives with good friends Lillian and Ted in York. He is the son of Sugar and the most loving cat you can imagine

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Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy

Odd Eyed White-  Breeding Queen - 5 June 2009

The daughter of Svana and Sandoy

Skadi is beautiful, confident, loving and has more than her fair share of attitude, She lives a pampered life in Cornwall!

For more pictures and information on Skadi click here

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Sandoy Ilvaldi - 23 November 2009

Brown Tabby and white - Ilvaldi came to stay with us, from Norway, to have 3 matings before he was neutered, only two kittens from these matings remain entire, Snes, who lives with myself and Leah, who returned to Norway with Ilvaldi and lives with Froydis Husoy

for more information and pictures on Ilvaldi click here

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Norsvana Sanna Av-Svartisen

Sanna lives with Hector and Joanna in Cumbria. She is the mother of Sikka and the daughter of Sugar

Click on the picture to see her page

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Norsvana Anders AvHaroya and Norsvana Sanders AvBjorli

Two neutered boys that live with my son and his girlfriend

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Skid  - 2002 - a house cat who thinks she's a forest cat! Skid lives with Colin and Sandoy in Yorkshire

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