Champion Freki's Super Boy

bred by Freddy and Kirsten Christensen, Denmark

Born 28 February 2006 - Died 3 March 2015 - Age 9 Years

Sandoy will be sadly missed, he was very loved and was an important part of the Norsvana Family. He had his own quirky little ways. Sandoy stayed with Colin when Tracy and Colin Split in 2013, they had a close bond and would often travel together.  a huge and very sad loss

Orange Eyed White

December 2009

Playing in the snow in the cat garden

North Cape 2009

Sandoy and Sugar joined us on a 4 week trip to North Cape in our motorhome, here are some pictures of Sandoy enjoying his Norwegian holiday, for more information on our trip click here North Cape  



 Sandoy fits into our family and lifestyle perfectly, he's a lovely gentle boy and is siring some gorgeous kittens.

2008 brought many changes to our lives, one of them being work, on and off this year we have had to travel to Germany and on many of those occasions Sandoy has come with us. He truly is a dream to travel with, we feel very fortunate to own a stud boy that does not spray and is such a loving companion. It's been a joy to watch his confidence grow each day.

How Sandoy came to live with us

April 2007 - Whilst looking for a stud cat to buy we met Lena and Lars in Sweden, they had the most beautiful white cat I've ever seen, Sandoy (at that time known as Superboy).  From the moment we saw him we knew we wanted him in our breeding programme, our options were to wait for a white male kitten from him or to Pet passport one of our girls and take her to him in Sweden and hopefully keep a white female from the mating and continue searching for the right stud. We decided on the later and Sanna got her pet passport with the intention of going out there in February 2008. Meanwhile we continued our search for a stud boy.

July 2007 -  we found a gorgeous blue tabby and white kitten in Denmark, that was to become ours, Sjagar. When we arrived home from Denmark there was an e-mail from Lena, saying, sadly she was very poorly and unable to continue her breeding programme as she wished. She could no longer care for Sandoy as an entire male, her options were to neuter him or offer him to us, knowing that we would give him a loving home. We were extremely touched but owning one stud cat had been a difficult decision to make, owning two seemed madness. We spent many sleepless nights thinking and talking about it and decided Sandoy would have a home here and he will only be entire for a very short length of time.

This then brought it's own problems - pet passport - Sandoy can't enter the UK  until  Spring 2008 and Lena was unable to keep him until then. Fortunately our friend, Froydis, In Norway offered to help. and give him a home until he can come here.

August 2007 -  we flew out to Norway and built a cat run and house, complete with shelves, scratching post and beds, all in a weekend!!! In September I, Tracy, flew out again to welcome Sandoy to his new home. When I touched down in Bergen I had a 12 hour drive and 5 ferries before reaching Froydis's home. Lars brought Sandoy across from Sweden, the drive took him 26 hours and 2 ferries. Surprisingly enough Sandoy arrived relaxed and happy, full of cuddles and purrs.

Below are some pictures of him taken in Norway a few hours after he arrived there.

  Sandoy is now a well travelled cat and unfortunately in his short life, circumstance has meant he has had three homes (his breeder in Denmark, Lena and Lars and now Froydis). When he comes into the UK he will have his home with us until the end of his days and always be part of our family. He has an exceptionally loving temperament and wants nothing more than a lap to curl up on - something we can certainly provide!

I want to say a big thank you to Froydis allowing him to live with her and taking care of him. To Lars for the long, long, long  journey he made to bring Sandoy to Norway. To Lena for giving us the opportunity to own this lovely boy and of course Freddy for breeding him and supporting the decision for him to come to England. Thank you x

December 2007 - Since September Sandoy has gained a large amount of weight and developed a gorgeous thick coat and it was lovely to see him again with 3 months to go before he can enter England

Sandoys journey to the UK!!!

March 2008 - We decided to drive Sandoy to the UK in the motorhome, an extremely long journey but we felt it was the kindest way for him. Sandoy was currently living on an island off the coast of Norway,  1 hour boat trip and 10 hour drive to the airport. We felt after 10 hours in a vehicle he would have resigned himself to travelling and the upheaval at the airport would have been stressful for him. In his short life he has already travelled from Denmark to Sweden and Sweden to Norway. He spent 10 days travelling with us as we decided to stop off and do some skiing and visiting friends along the way, so it was a slow easy journey from Norway to England which sandoy settled into quickly, as you can see from the pictures below.


Settling in, One week on....

After just one week of living with us Sandoy has made himself completely at home. We are very fortunate that he doesn't spray and we are able to let him live alongside our other cats. He uses the cat flap and comes and goes between the house and the cat run as he wishes. He loves toys and here are some pictures of him after tipping up the toy box and testing each and every one!


6 April 08 - Sandoy has been with us for almost a month now and he is very much part of our cat family. He's a happy cat and a bit of a toy thief (and I haven't found where he keeps his stash!) He's cautious of strangers and it takes a little while for his trust to be gained, once it is though, he's your friend for life, a very loyal cat with heaps of love to give. We absolutely adore him and bringing him into our lives was one of the best things we've ever done.

May 08 - Sandoys first UK litter is born

* * *

Sandoy is BAER tested and has full hearing

White is a masking gene - Sandoys true colour is probably cream and he does not carry amber

Sandoy is GSD4 negative

Sandoy is both GCCF and FIFe registered


Champion Freki's Super Boy

EC DK* Rimturser Return EC DK* Tinja Skoven's Snekat EC DK*Tinja Skoven's Gustav Wied Junior
GIC Smalandsflicka Felis Jubatus
IP & IC DK*Killix Draupner EC DK*Europa's Danske Gorm
EC DK*Europa's Nougat Nod, DM
DK Rimturser Utroligus EP & EC DK*Elkingtons Johnny Walker IC DK*Yiadom's Fenris
(N) Laksjoen's Ulva
DK*La Foret's Wanilla F*Sweeson's Salu
DK* La Foret's Magritte

Show Results

7 December 2008 - Luxembourg - EX1 = C A C

6 December 2008 - Luxembourg - EX1 = C A C

12 September 2008 - Albert, France - EX2

1 August 2008 - Bocholt, Germany - EX1 = C A C

EC Rimturser Return & Rimturser Utroligus (Mum and Dad)

EP &EC Elkington's Johnny Walker (Grandad)

* * *

Sandoys Kittens born in Sweden 2007

Sandoys UK litters

Litter 1 - Sandoy and Sanna 2008

Litter 2 - Sandoy and Svana 2008

Litter 3 - Sandoy and Astryd 2008 - Skogenengel Cattery

Litter 4 - Sandoy and Svana 2009

Litter 5 - Sandoy and Servanna 2009 - Raffkin Cattery


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