Norsvana Sanna Av Svartisen

bred by Ourselves


Retired Breeding Queen - Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby and White

Born on 23rd September 2006 to International Premiere Norsvana Sugar Sparkle and Bracken Forest Star

Sanna was named after a glacier we visited in Norway in 2006 - Svartisen


Sanna in Norway 2009, we took her to meet Champion Csar Av Borgund and she had a lovely litter of three kittens from the mating. The orange behind her is the sunrise although it looks like fire


Sanna is a lovely cat, very easy going and no trouble at all, sometimes this doesn't work in her favour and our more 'strong willed' cats tend to push ahead of her when looking for attention.


She has a fantastic quality coat, especially for a blue silver, as they are often quite soft, but she has coarse guard hairs and a woolly undercoat and a lovely straight profile. 


Sanna had two litters of kittens and is a very loving devoted mum, unfortunately she developed mastitis both times and had difficult births, for this reason we chose to neuter her. Sanna was spayed in January 2010

Click here to see Sannas 1st Litter

Click here to see Sannas 2nd Litter


Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen

Bracken Forest Star

International Champion Maelstrom Bergelmir

Skogens Gudrun Blasolv

Skogens Edda

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Regnar Lodbrog Felis Audax

Sophie Zorc Tihany

International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle

International Champion Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini

IC Syrillus d'Abelia

Champion Palayali Felis Audax

Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

GC Xanthus Av Jostedalsbreen

Ch Norskmagi Sabine

Show Results

21 April 2007 - SLHCA- 1st Open, Best of Breed and Best Norwegian Forest Kitten


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