Norsvana Sikka Av-Karasjok

2009 - 2016

Deeply Missed

bred by Ourselves

Breeding Queen - Brown Tabby and White (Carrying Dilute)

Sikka was GSD4 negative and does not carry amber

February 2011 - Sikka joined us on a trip to Norway

Sikka, like all our cats (bar Snip) enjoys travelling and has a pet passport. She's a sweet natured girl and very easy to travel with, no bother at all. On our trip to Norway we covered 4000 miles in our motorhome, it is adapted so that it is comfortable for our pets enabling them to join us on our holidays. Sikka enjoys a walk on the lead and spends most of her day watching birds out of the window


December 09 - 8 Months old


Sikka was Born 13 April 2009 to Norsvana Sanna Av Svartisen and Champion Caesar Av Borgund, the mating took place in Norway and we were unsure if it had been successful when we collected Sanna,  fortunately it had and the female we wanted so much was born. Sikka is everything we have been looking for and her temperament is to die for, she's simply adorable

Sikka is a Sami name and Karasjok is a Sami village in Norway which we visited in 2009. We returned to Karasjok in 2011 and Sikka came with us



I can't thank Froydis enough for letting us use Caesar for his very last mating and allowing us to add something very special to our breeding lines


Champion Caesar av Borgund Marius av Borgund Tigressan's Quilio
Tirilltoppens Aria
Oleanna av Borgund IC Jaktvika's De Lillo
Izawatha's Mithril
Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle IC Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini
Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana
Bracken Forest Star

IC Maelstrom Bergelmir

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Show wins

6 September 2009 - Viking Cat Club (FIFe) - Ex1

24 May 2009 - Sikkas photo came first in a weekly competition on Facebook

'Raining Cats and Dogs'


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