Norsvana Skadi Av-Sandoy

bred by Ourselves

Breeding Queen - Odd Eyed White (probably masking dilute tortie)

Skadi is GSD4 negative and does not carry amber

Skadi was Born 05 June 2009 to Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana and Champion Freki's Super Boy

December 09 - 6 months Old

playing in the snow with Sandoy and Sikka

Skadi - The snow-shoe goddess of winter and hunting


Skadi has unilateral hearing - She is deaf in her right ear and has full hearing in the left.

Breeding with any white cat carries a risk of deaf kittens but increases if the white parent is completely deaf.

Many breeders don't hearing test their white kittens, or they take them to the vet who will make noises out of sight of the cat and judge whether the cat is fully deaf or has hearing. We BAER tested ours as we want to know 100% what we are breeding . Had we gone to the vet we would have come home with a hearing certificate and been unaware that the hearing is only on one side. However we did what we felt to be the correct thing.

Since finding out Skadi does not have hearing in both ears, we have thoroughly researched breeding cats with unilateral hearing with the help of many respected and responsible white cat breeders from around the globe, along with organisations researching feline and canine deafness, we have discovered that there is very little research into the offspring from cats (and dogs) with one deaf ear.  With their help and support we found that there simply wasn't enough information to justify neutering Skadi

This has left us in a difficult dilemma, we have constantly strived to do the best we possibly could within our breeding programme and to be honest this also became a matter of the heart, We'd waited 18 months for a white girl from these particular lines and Skadi is all we could have wished for and more, she's beautiful, feisty, loving and confident. I simply adore her. With this in mind we would still have neutered her if the information pointed toward her producing a significantly higher ratio of deaf white kittens.

With the help of the Animal Health Trust we made our decision to try a litter from her. All DNA and BAER test results, from all offspring not just the white kittens, will be used for future research into unilateral hearing cats. Hopefully we can be of some help. Should the first litter from Skadi produce a high ratio of deaf kittens we will simply neuter her and enjoy her for the beautiful girl she is.

All future results will appear on this website


Champion Freki's Super Boy European Champion DK* Rimturser Return EC DK*Tinja Skoven's Snekat
GIP & IC DK*Killix Draupner
DK Rimturser Utroligus EP & EC DK*Elkingtons Johnny Walker
DK*La Foret's Wanilla
Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

Grand Champion Xanthus av Jostedalsbreen

Euro Ch Rebell av Jostedalsbreen

Grand Euro Champion S*Tigressan's Sarina

Champion Norskmagi Sabine

Champion Amberlight Norbirdoll's Boy

Champion Norskmagi Elaygance

Show wins

24 October 2009 - Yorkshire County cat Club Show - 1st open and Best of Breed

6 September 2009 - Viking Cat Club (FIFe) - Ex1

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