'Bushkenheim Afi

Bred by Tracey C Camp


Male Neuter - Black and White

Born 22 February 2004 to Bracken Forest Star and Skattkammarons Neptie

We bought Snip to be our 'ambassador of the breed', as the male Norwegian forest cat is considerably bigger than the female, He has certainly done his job well and greets all visitors to the house as if they have come to see him and him alone.


We had Snip neutered at 6 months old.

Snip is an amazing cat, he is unbelievably intelligent and will quickly and easily learn tricks, he loves walking on a lead (only in the garden and yes, no doubt the neighbours think I am mad!) and has many mannerisms of a dog, including bringing his lead to you when he thinks it is time to go out.


Snip hates showing with a passion so after three shows we decided not to take him again. Snip also dislikes travelling, so his only trips are to the vet for his yearly vaccinations and health checks


Bushkenheim Afi

Bracken Forest Star

International Champion Maelstrom Bergelmir

Skogens Gudrun Blasolv

Skogens Edda

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Regnar Lodbrog Felis Audax

Sophie Zorc Tihany

S*Skattkammarons Neptie

Champion S*Mar'Michel's Mapa Manyana

Euro Champion Freddy Av Myre

S*Mar Michel's Mi-Ke Dijon

Grand international Champion S*Chinona's Onyx

Euro Champion S*Drakborgens Buster Lunkentuss

Klockgardens Blossom

Show Results

22 February 2004 - Viking Cat Club (FIFe) - Ex1

12 April 2004 - Garden of England (FIFe) - Ex1

29 July 2006 - Norsk Skogkatt Society - 1st Open


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