Premier Norsvana Stari Av Stjordal

Male Neuter - Blue Classic Tabby and White

Born on 23rd September 2006 to International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle and Bracken Forest Star


In Norway January 2009

Stari doesn't have the typical Norwegian Forest Cat temperament, he's extremely clingy and needs to be close to you constantly. He's a very gentle boy that wants to be loved 24/7 and isn't too keen on change. Our other cats like to be with you to be generally nosey, Stari likes to be with you because he needs a cuddle. We wouldn't change him for the world!



Stari also loves it when we have kittens, he takes his role as a second mum very seriously.

Stari enjoys being in the Motorhome and makes a great travel companion, he's extremely relaxed and unfazed by the movement of the vehicle, he also enjoys walking on his lead. Stari has travelled to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway


Premier Norsvana Stari Avstjordal

Bracken Forest Star

International Champion Maelstrom Bergelmir

Skogens Gudrun Blasolv

Skogens Edda

Fjorgyn Forest Star

Regnar Lodbrog Felis Audax

Sophie Zorc Tihany

International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle

International Champion Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini

IC Syrillus d'Abelia

Champion Palayali Felis Audax

Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

GC Xanthus Av Jostedalsbreen

Ch Norskmagi Sabine

Show Results

7 December 2008 - Luxembourg - 1st = C A P

6 December 2008 - Luxembourg - 1st = C A P

9 September 2007 - Viking Cat Club (FIFe) - 1st = C A P

31 March 2007 - Aristocats (FIFe) - EX1 and Nominated for Best in Show

10 March 2007 - Lancashire - 1st Open and Best of Breed

24 February 2007 - Coventry and Leicester - 1st Open and Best of Breed

20 January 2007 - Notts and Derby Cat Club - 1st Open


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