Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

bred by Darren Handy


Retired Breeding Queen - Blue Silver Classic Tabby

Born 12th April 2004 to Grand Champion Xanthus Av Jostedalsbreen and Champion Norskmagi Sabine

Svana was our first breeding queen and she is one of the sweetest natured cats I have ever come across, she loves everybody, animal or human. She takes everything in her stride. including showing and travelling and actually gets excited at the sight of her cat carrier!

Svana had five litters of kittens, five in 2005, seven in 2006, six in 2007, five in 2008 and five in 2009, so a total of twenty eight babies!!!

She is a wonderful mum and puts her all into raising her kittens, Svana has never miscarried or lost a kitten, all grew to be strong healthy adults. She likes her babies to be in the living room and feeds them in the centre of the carpet, she's more then happy to show them off to visitors.

Svana was neutered in September 2009

After a hard day on the computer Svana likes to relax in front of her favourite TV programme!



Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

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Show wins

31 July 2004 - Norsk Skogkatt Society Show - 1st open, Best of Breed and Best in Show Female Kitten

25 September 2004 - North West Cat Club - 1st Open and Best of Breed

11 December 2004 - North of Britian LH & SLH - 1st Open, Best of Breed and Best in show Semi Longhair Kitten

19 February 2005 - Norwegian Forest Cat Club - 1st Open and Best of Breed

12 March 2005 - Lancashire Cat Club - 1st Open

26 March 2005 - Preston and Blackpool Cat Club - 1st Open

1 July 2005 - The Viking Cat club (FIFe) - Ex1

1 April 2006 - Kernow Cat Club - 1st Open

19 April 2008 - SLHCA - 1st Open, Best of Breed and Best in show NFC Adult


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