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**** 6 Kittens Born 14 July 2016 ****

I'm Tracy Wood and live in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, with my five Norwegian Forest Cats, Snip, Sugar,  Eilina,  Snes and Cheeta 

I've studied a National Diploma in Animal Management and Feline Behaviour and over the years have been on the Breed Advisory Committee and the Norsk Skogkatt Society committee

In 2004 along with my (now ex) husband Colin we decided to breed these lovely animals. We were attracted to the Norwegian Forest Cat by their natural beauty, friendly nature, and amazing intelligence. After many months searching for the right cats, Svana and Snip became our foundation cats, many thanks to Tracey Camp and Darren Handy for these two beautiful cats. Sugar, Sikka, Eilina and Snes were bred by ourselves, Cheeta was imported from Norway from the late Gunborg Pedersen and I'm honoured to be able to continue her precious breeding lines. We have taken our females to stud in Norway (Caesar)  and have borrowed Ilvaldi, a beautiful male from Froydis Husoy (Norway) to improve our gene pool, to whom I am very grateful to for trusting her lines with me. Resulting in the cats I breed from today having unique and interesting pedigrees.

Our first litter was born in 2005 and we were thrilled with the results. Svana had 5 beautiful babies. We decided to keep Sugar, our first born from our first litter, she is an amazing cat, not only is she gorgeous but she has a huge and loving personality, life would not be complete without her. Sugar gained the title of International Premier on 3 December 2007 and has been shown as far away as Sweden. She adores travelling and joined us on many trips around Europe and Scandinavia in our motorhome. Maybe it is their Viking blood that makes Norwegian Forest Cats excellent travel companions.

I'm a small breeder and will never have more than two litters a year, that way I can give them the time they deserve. Having kittens is always a pleasure and never a chore. My priority is to breed healthy, happy cats that live long pampered lives, bringing great joy to their owners. To date I have been privileged to have found amazing homes for the kittens which I've bred and have the cream of the crop in kitten owners, who on many occasions have also gone on to become good friends.

My breeding cats are all tested negative for GSD4 and all kittens are health tested and insured before leaving home

Norsvana cats are shown with both GCCF and FIFe and have done very well, getting best in show female kitten at our very first show with Svana, at 14 weeks of age. We have also had lots of fun, met some fantastic cats and made some wonderful friends both in the UK and Scandinavia.

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy reading the following pages, Tracy



Phone: 01229 463820 or 07967 039 322

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