Cat Run

2013 - Dalton-in-Furness

Photos to follow - In 2013 I moved away from Sherburn and took part of the run with me, I've re-built it in a manner that give a safe area for the two stud boys and a secure garden for everyone to play in. I;ve left the details of the previous run below as they may be of interest to anyone considering building one

2007 - Sherburn-in-Elmet

We have built our runs in a manner that gives our cats the choice to be inside or outside safely and express their natural behaviour as much as possible. We've made them as stimulating as possible and often change shelves around and create challenges for them, NFCs seem to thrive on change.

The first part of our run is attached to the back of the house and is undercover, they can enter this via a cat flap in the kitchen.  This is a relatively small run under the car port and the cats often happily sit and watch car repairs and DIY being done there


From this run they can then go into a larger run by walking under a decking walkway. The pictures below show our original run before we started expanding.


In 2007 we are decided to extend to almost three time the original size. The photos below show the work in progress. Firstly we dug out and laid concrete foundations and started to make mesh panels. For the original run we used Beckhart mesh, which was great quality, unfortunately we couldn't get hold of any and used a different brand, we came across loads of unwelded links and had to discard as much as we used.


Our son, Daniel, created a design on the computer to show how the final run will look from inside. We plan to leave a substantial size lawn and an area of bark chippings with a climbing frame built from logs, there will also be shelves on the sides for the cats to lie on which aren't shown in the diagram



We concreted log roll into the ground to contain the chippings and built a log climbing frame which we can change from time to time. We've planted a lilac bush (or at least I think that is what it is) which attracts moths and butterflies, along with a pear tree and a water fountain.


We're thrilled our cats have a fantastic place to play, hide, climb and express themselves and most importantly, if they want to come inside and curl up on our knees, the cat flap is always open

Stud Pen Number 1 - Sandoys

I've left my original comments on the 'stud pen' below but you know what they say about the best laid plans......... Sandoy doesn't live in the stud pen and he actually only spent 6 nights out there. He lives alongside the rest of my cats, he doesn't spray and granted there are times I have to keep him apart from the girls, at these times, the girls have access to the front of the house and he has the back . We hated seeing him out there and it is so much nicer having him live alongside the rest of our cat family, We're pet owners first, breeders second.

'We are making the a stud pen at the top of the existing cat run and alongside the garage. We plan to put Sandoy here as it has restricted sunlight, with Sandoy being a white he will be prone to sunburn. It also means we can run electricity from the garage for heating. He will also have access to the large cat garden at times'


Sons, Andrew and Daniel helped clear the area and removed the mesh panels from the back and secured a wooden wall. Before laying the new floor we dug up the uneven one. Col mixed the concrete and I laid it. Photo shows Col finishing the edge and making a ridge for drainage. We'd secured the cats whilst doing this but Skid managed to escape and did a full lap round the wet concrete - we decided to leave it to set with her footprints still there!



The frame is now complete and fully insulated, we've covered the outside in 10mm tongue and grove, treated with water seal.


We've built another pen at the bottom of the run, it can be used for visiting girls, currently the door between them is open and it is part of the big run.

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