Norsvana Eilina Aurora - Brown spotted tabby and white female

Eilina means splendour and Aurora the northern lights

Eilina became Best in Show 3-6 month kitten at her very first show on 28 January 2012

Eilina was never meant to stay with us BUT she somehow wrapped us around her paw and stole our hearts. So all my plans of only breeding from Scandinavian lines were thrown away by this little girl. I wouldn't change a thing though, she fills our house with so much joy and love, she's adorable (and very naughty, very greedy, way too confident, etc, etc!)

Show Results

14/15 April 2012 - Sydkattens show, Sweden - EX4

29 january 2012 - FIFe show Ware, EX1 and Nominated

28 January 2012 - FIFe show ware - Ex1, Nominated and Best In Show Kitten


GSDIV  -Negative

Corona tested 25 May 2012 - Negative


CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW

EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla

EC B's Best Big Boy av Trulla,

IC Octopussy Felis Jubatus

CH Gatta Leuke

EC Old Possum's Zulus, DM,

GIC Gatta Echo,

Norsvana Sikka Av-Karasjok

 Champion Caesar av Borgund (N)  Marius av Borgund (N)
 Oleanna av Borgund (N)
Norsvana Sanna AvSvartisen Bracken Forest Star
International Premier Norsvana Sugar sparkle

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