Sandy Ilvaldi

Bred by Frydis Husy, Norway

Plans - November 2012 - Ilvaldi will be neutered. January 2013 - Ilvaldi returns to Norway

October 2012

Ilvaldi has had regular faecal tests which have consistently come back negative to corona virus, we have just had him blood tested and his reading has come back as under 10, which means he is now considered corona free.... so all our hard work paid off :-)

August 2012

Ilvaldi has had regular Faecal tests and each one has come back negative to the corona virus, so we conducted a controlled mating with him and Skadi and we are excited to say that we have kittens due next month. Ilvaldi is a wonderful cat with a gorgeous temperament, he likes nothing better than a big cuddle and I would think the neighbours can actually hear him purr!

June 2012

Sadly Ilvaldi came to us with a high titre reading 1:600,  he had been exposed to the virus whilst he had a female visiting him in Norway, earlier in the year.

We will not be breeding from him unless we can clear this. Ilvaldi is isolated from my own cats. I will re-test Ilvaldi every 4 weeks

We routinely test our cats and one kitten from each litter for corona and strive to have a corona free cattery , so far with success

May 2012

Ilvaldi came to  join the Norsvana Cattery. He has 4 planned matings before being neutered and returning to Norway in 2013.



Ilvaldi is tested GSDIV negative

Ilvaldi Faecal tests, consistently negative to him shedding the corona virus

17 May - Corona blood test titre 600



To view Ilvaldis pedigree on Pawpeds click here

CH Sandoy Ilvaldi

Chacolis Zedar

EC Tigressan's Tharlie

Tigressan's Oscario
Tassajara's Hawarthi
IC Chacolis Faran IC Atte av Isblomst
Ch Tigressan's Rosita

Sandoy Glita

Caesar av Borgund Marius av Borgund
Oleanna av Borgund
Aurora av Borgund Ch Sverre av Borgund
Lindbrekkas Nala


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