International Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle

bred by Ourselves


Female Neuter - Blue Silver Classic Tabby and White

Born on 1st July 2005 to Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana and International Champion Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini , she was our first born from our first litter. Sugar has captured our hearts with her lovely personality, like Snip she quickly learns tricks, she can give you a paw and walks on a lead.

Sugar had her first litter on 23 September 2006, unfortunately she had problems and we chose to have her neutered, she is now a lady of leisure and in 2007 joined us on a 3 week trip to Norway and in 2009, a month long trip to North cape.

 Norway 2010 - Southern Norway

Sugar joined us once again for a trip to Norway. Last year we visited the most part, Nordkapp, this year the most southern point, Lindesnes. I don't suppose there are many cats that have travelled to both the Northernmost and Southernmost points of Norway!!! She's a joy to travel with and thoroughly enjoys life on the road

Norway 2009 - North Cape

Sugar and Sandoy joined us on a 4 week trip to North Cape in our motorhome, here are some pictures of Sugar enjoying the snow, for more information on our trip click here North Cape


Norway 2007 - Sugars 1st Holiday!



I used to believe that although Sugar is a very pretty cat, her colour wouldn't be practical for her survival in Norway, looking back on these photos I see I was very wrong, she blends into the rocks and snow perfectly.

Our Holiday - We travelled to Norway via Calais, a very long drive, we wanted to take the motorhome and the closest port to Norway that would allow pets through is Rotterdam but that would have meant leaving Sugar overnight on her own in the van, which we weren't too keen on. Using the Shuttle added  around 7 hours to our journey.

We passed through Belgium and had an overnight stop in Holland. The following day we drove through Germany and Denmark and  encountered our first problems on the Swedish border. The current UK pet passport rules state that an animal must be micro chipped, then rabies vaccine, then 30 days later (this depends on the vaccine used and can be done at 21 days with some) blood tested, provided the blood test is ok the animal is able to travel and re-enter the UK 6 months later. The rules in Sweden differ, the time span between vaccine and blood test is considerably longer, between 120 and 144 days, I believe, provided the test is satisfactory the animal can travel immediately. The Swedish customs were concerned about Sugars pet passport but after much conferring they allowed us through.

We stayed a few nights in Sweden and entered a cat show with Sugar where she won her first International Premier certificate, we were absolutely thrilled.

We then moved on to Norway and had a fantastic holiday, Sugar slipped into her own little routine, we walked her each day, sometimes along fjords. sometimes through forests, we sat and shared picnics with her surrounded by breathtaking scenery. She would sit still for hours watching fish jumping out of the water or drag us through bracken chasing something we couldn't see. She'd sit outside in the sun with us while we had our evening meal and curl up with us at night. She was an absolute joy to have to be with and there is no doubt about it she enjoyed it too.

Our return journey was pretty uneventful, we used lots of short ferry journeys to save driving and stopped off in Denmark and Holland. We stayed in Calais for 2 nights and visited a registered vet to do her pre-travel treatment (for more information see (Pet passport). Back at the shuttle terminal we were directed to the Pet area where Sugars micro chip and documents were checked. 

Each time Sugar hears car keys now she rushes to the front door ready for her next trip

2014 - Sugar is used as an example of a Viking cat in Loaghtan book by Sara Goodwin

Our goal for 2009 is to reach the Northernmost part of Norway, North Cape, with Sugar

Sugars holiday story was shown in Your Cat magazine Sept 08

Sugar and Tracy at BBC Radio Leeds

Sugar in Cat World Magazine - February 2009 edition

 Sugar at 17 weeks old

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Premier Norsvana Sugar Sparkle

International Champion Iisakki Nicodemus Of Trappistini

International Champion Syrillus d'Abelia

S*Gomorran's Barabaz

S*Gomorran's Zoe

Champion Palayali Felis Audax*DK

Topas Felis Audax*DK


Champion Norskmagi Forest Svana

Grand Champion Xanthus av Jostedalsbreen

Euro Ch Rebell av Jostedalsbreen

Euro Champion S*Tigressan's Sarina

Champion Norskmagi Sabine

Champion Amberlight Norbirdoll's Boy

Champion Norskmagi Elaygance

Show Results

3 December 2007 - 1st = C A P I B and Nominated for Best in Show - Gaining 'International Premier'

9 September2007 - Viking Cat Club - 1st = C A P I B and Nominated for Best in Show

1 July 2007 - VAK show, Karlstad, Sweden - 1st and C A P I B

16/17 June 2007 - Aristocats (FIFe) - 2 x C A P - Gaining her title as 'Premier'

21 April 2007- SLHCA - 1st Open

31 March 2007 - Aristocats (FIFe) - 1st =C A P

3 Feb 2007 - Shropshire Cat Club - 1st Open

22 Oct 2005 - Yorkshire Cat Club - 1st Open


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